We work with Energy Upgrade California to do Home Energy Analysis to determine what you can do to reduce your energy usage. We also recommend energy efficient technology that can save you money, such as solar panels and tankless water heaters. Below is a video made by Energy Upgrade California demonstrating some of the energy upgrades some home owners are doing to save on their energy bill, and make their house more comfortable.


Energy Upgrade California was also on KPBS recently talking about how they want to help Californians reduce energy usage by atleast 10%. Watch that video below.



Water usage contributes to 90% of energy usage. That includes heating, transporting, and landscaping. Solar panels are become a good option to produce your own energy and lower the amount you use from the grid. There is a 16 minute radio piece from “Morning Edition” on the KPBS website that has even more information about energy usage. You can listen to that by visiting the KPBS website:

You can schedule a time for us to let you know more about some energy efficient technology and home upgrades that can save you money in the long run. Sign up for a Home Energy Analysis by clicking on the image below and filling out the form. Or give us a call.

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