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grid tied solar electric system

Phono Solar Panels

There are a range of solar panels that we can install for you, but we recommend Phono Solar panels because they are high performance and cost efficient. Here are some statistics about the solar panels we install:



Module Dimension: 1640×992×40mm

  • High efficiency solar cells together with high transmission textured glass deliver module efficiency of over 17.0%;
  • High output due to excellent performance in weak-light conditions.
  • Excellent temperature coefficient giving higher yields in the long term.
  • Higher specific yields due to positive power sorting.
  • Durability assured in even the harshest environments with AMMONIA CORROSION, SALT MIST CORROSION, and FIRE TEST certifications.
  • Manufacturing facility certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Internal quality control with standards higher than both IEC and UL.

Phono Solar AC 250W Data Sheet:

Phono Solar AC 250W datasheet page1 Phono Solar AC 250W datasheet page2


Benefits of installing a Solar Panel System on your home:

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[accordion title=”Good for the Environment”]
The average home converting to solar electricity will have the following impacts on our planet over 30 years:

  • 3,030 trees planted
  • 22 cars taken off the road for a year
  • 0.6 railcars of coal not burned
  • 41 tons of waste recycled rather than landfilled
  • 1.6 tanker trucks of gasoline not burned on


[accordion title=”Low Maintenance”]

With no moving parts, Photovoltaic cells are virtually maintenance free.

Recommended Services:

  • Bi-Annual Cleaning (like cleaning a window)
  • Occasional Inverter Inspections

[accordion title=”Fixed Energy Costs”]

Today’s Photovoltaic cells have life expectancies ranging from 30-40 years or more. During that time your dependency on SDG&E will dramatically decrease. SDG&E will continue to have rate increases starting September 2013. You protect yourself from these rate increases by generating your own electricity. Energy costs are going up, while the availability to affordable and high performance solar panels is going down. Get a fixed energy cost by installing solar panels.

[accordion title=”Equity Gains”]

Assessing Return on Investment:
According to study of 92,000 California real estate transactions performed by Earnest Orlando Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory:
“Residential properties equipped with solar panels that sold between 2000-2009 averaged $17.000 more than similar properties without solar.”

[accordion title=”Tax Incentives”]

Now is the time to take advantage of federal stimulus incentives and save thousands!
Receive up to 30% of the cost of your solar system as a rebate on your Federal Income Taxes!

For more information about how the Tax Incentive works, go to the Energy Star Federal Tax Credit page.

Enphase M250 Microinverter

ephase microinverterWe recommend including microinverters on each of the solar panels. This allows the solar panels to be more efficient and reduces high voltage lines running from your roof. If one solar panel breaks, all the other solar panels will continue to function independently. This is the system we usually install for our customers.

The fourth-generation Enphase Microinverter, the M250, maximizes the energy production of 60-cell solar modules up to 300W and includes Integrated (DC Isolated) Ground. To learn more about the Enphase Microinverter go to: http://enphase.com/products/enphase-microinverters/

25 Year Warranty

25-year-warranty25-year product warranty guaranteeing at least 80% performance of the solar panel. 10-year product warranty guaranteeing at least 90% performance of the solar panel.

Free module recycling through PV Cycle Association Membership.


Overall Process of Installing a Solar Panel System on your Home:

  • Energy Analysis / Solar Consultation
  • System Designed by Engineering Department
  • Acquire Permits
  • Order Products
  • Products Delivered / Install Scheduled
  • 2-3 Day Installation
  • Final Walk-through

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